How to Cancel a Delta Air Lines Flight

Plans change often and you are required to postpone a flight you’ve been looking forward to for months. If you have ever been in a place where To cancel a flight, you need to realize that the procedure can be both costly and difficult.

If you happen to have your Delta Airlines flight booked and need to cancel, you’re in the right place! Here’s all the details you need to handle your Delta airlines cancellation program for 2021 and decide what policies are relevant to your case.

Instead of COVID-19, Cancellation Policies

In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Air Lines is waiving all adjustment fees for tickets bought before April 17, 2020, for travel between March 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, and you will have until December 31, 2022, to rebook.

Change fees were also waived on tickets bought between March 1, 2020, and March 30, 2021. The alteration fee will be waived for up to one year from the date of payment (not the scheduled flight). Any fare differential could be applicable. If you want to cancel your ticket, the remaining amount can be used within 1 year from the original date of issue for the purchasing of a new ticket and any fare discrepancy may occur.

Both adjustment fees and grant redeposit fees have been automatically removed for travel from North America for tickets bought in 2021. (excluding Basic Economy fares). Award tickets for U.S. travel may also be cancelled or changed prior to departure at any time.

See the total strategy here. Refer to your booking agent for its rules if you booked from a third party.

For the most up-to-date policy across all carriers, please refer to our COVID-19 Airline Cancellations report for Delta airlines cancellation policy due to COVID-19 being ever-changing.

Cancellation Scheme of Delta: Flights paid for with cash or points

Simple Economy Time Span Non-Refundable Travel Tickets Originating from North America (Excluding Basic Economy) Non-Refundable Travel Tickets Originating Outside of North America Refundable /Flex Tickets

During 24-hour risk-free cancellation period No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge

Without being paid a cancellation fee, all passengers would have 24 hours from the time of the initial booking to cancel a reservation, regardless of the fare chosen.

If you have booked a Standard Economy Fare, you have 24 hours to cancel the ticket you have purchased. You will no longer be able to cancel your ticket afterwards and will be on the hook for the entire price.

For Delta tickets booked after December 9, 2020, for travel from North America to anywhere in the world, cancellation fees are not available. Joint venture and codeshare alliance flights run by Included are.

The amount of your fare will be refunded to you after cancelling your ticket as an eCredit that you can redeem on a future flight with Delta within 1 year from the original issue date; any disparity in fare may apply.

Non-Refundable Plane Ticket Originating outside North America

Depending on the destination you are flying to, the cancellation charge for a non-refundable ticket will vary from $0 to $500 during the 24-hour grace period.

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Delta airlines cancellation costs vary from $200 to $500 for flights originating from outside North America; the cost depends on the duration of the trip, location, and fare type).

The remaining amount of your fare (minus the cancellation fee) will be refunded to you after cancelling your ticket as an eCredit that you may redeem on a future flight with Delta within 1 year of the original date of issue; any discrepancy in fare will apply.

If you have shelled out the extra cash to buy a refundable ticket, cancellations can be made at any point prior to the departure of your flight and the original payment form will be issued with the refund.

Delta SkyMiles reward passes may be revoked without payment for travel within the U.S. at any time prior to departure.

Cancellations must be made for award tickets for travel outside the U.S. at least 722 Hours in advance of the flight’s departure or return. Award ticket cancellation fees are a $150 flat fee irrespective of fare class or destination, but whether you are a part of SkyMiles Platinum or Diamond Medallion, the fee is waived.

All of the miles you used to book the flight will be credited back into your account after you cancel your reservation and pay the $150 cancellation charge.

Looking for still more award ticket cancellation information? Explore our guide to canceling award tickets to read more, including information on more than 30 airlines.

As for cancellations, both clients will have 24 hours from the moment of their initial cancellation.

You are not entitled to make any amendments to your flight itinerary until the 24-hour grace period has expired if you have booked a standard economy ticket.

For domestic and international tickets bought or for travel between March 1, 2020 and March 30, 2021, Delta no longer charges changing fees.

Flight shift costs on the same day are $75. For all Delta SkyMiles Gold, Silver, and Diamond Medallions holders, the same-day alteration fee is waived. Same-day modifications are only available for U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. planes. The Islands of the Virgin.

If you’re moving your flight because you’ve found a better alternative, you will be refunded the remaining amount of your ticket (minus the adjustment fee) as an eCredit that you will use on a future Delta flight.

Changes can be done at any time until 24 hours before the departure of your flight with a refundable ticket and there is no charge to do so. What you will need to pay is the price differential. If you move to a cheaper airline, the fare differential will be refunded back to the initial payment method.

For award passes, Delta does not charge alteration fees.

How to Cancel a Delta Flight

Phase 1: On the homepage of Delta, log into your account and Pick “My Journeys.”

My Trips to Delta

To change or cancel your Delta flights, click ‘My Trips’. Credit Image: Delta

Phase 2: After the trip you want to alter or cancel has been chosen, click “Modify Flight.”

Delta Flight Button Modify

Phase 3: Either change your flight or cancel it.

Delta Change Choices

Phase 4: You will now go through the process of choosing a new flight by adjusting your booking. When your ticket is canceled, the next page lists the flight itinerary that you wish to cancel. To finalize, depending on your ticket form, you only need to press “cancel” or “request refund”.

They can be accessed if you have eCredits in your account by signing in with your SkyMiles number at Go to “My Delta” and inside “My Wallet” open the Certificates and eCredits module.

When you are ready to redeem your eCredits, just book a flight like you usually will when you are ready to finalize the purchase, as the choice to redeem your eCredits would be provided. The maximum number of eCredits permissible for sales is 3 per ticket. Bear in mind that you must use each eCredit within 1 year of the date you got it.

Do you have more than 3 eCredits for your round-trip ticket that you choose to use? Break your ticket round-trip You will use 3 eCredits on the first ticket and another 3 on the return trip! Tickets for 2 one-way journeys!

In short, if you’re concerned that you may need to cancel your delta flight and want to make sure you can get a refund, your safest, but more costly, alternative would be flex or refundable fares.

It can be bad enough to have to deal with canceling a flight as it is, but information is strength. Make sure to carefully check fare rules so that at the time of booking even if you end up having to cancel, you know what your choices are.

Questions posed most

That depends on what sort of fare you have bought and whether or not you have bought a refundable ticket.

If you have booked a standard economy fare, within the 24-hour grace period from the time the ticket was purchased, you are not entitled to cancel the ticket for a refund.

Flights originating in North America can be cancelled for free if you have a non-refundable ticket. Flights will range from $200 to $500 from outside of North America (depending on the length of the flight, location, and type of fare). Afterwards, the entirety of your fare, minus the charge, will be received in the form of an eCredit for Used on a potential flight with Delta.

If you have a refundable or flexible fare, you can cancel your flight at any time before departure and you will be refunded using your original payment form.

Yeah, all passengers would have to cancel their reservation 24 hours from the time of their initial booking without being paid a cancellation fee, irrespective of the fare chosen.

Non-refundable fares can be cancelled free of charge for flights originating from North America.

You will be forced to pay between North America and North America to cancel a non-refundable fare for flights originating from outside North America.Depending on the duration of the flight, venue, and type of fare, $200 and $500. You will be issued with the remaining fare as an eCredit for potential use on a Delta flight.

It really just depends on the justification for the delta flight cancellation. If it’s due to the death or injury of an immediate family member, Delta will waive the cancelation fees, however they will ask for proof.

If you consider you have a valid cause to have your termination fees forgiven, then calling and asking will never hurt!