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Prices for the previous seven days were available from $376 for single-way and $625 for round-trip flights during the given period. Availability and rates are subject to adjustment. Supplementary words apply.

Trending Flights from Finnair

For 7 days now prices were applicable from $376 on one-way flights and for the stipulated length on round-trips from $625. Availability and rates are subject to adjustment. Supplementary words apply.

Where’s Finnair going to fly?

The top routes Finnair airlines book a flight is flying are:

To HEL’s FRA (approx. 1190 flights per month)

LAX to LHR LHR (approx. 1180 flights per month)

From LHR to HEL (approx. 1160 flights per month)

From CDG to HEL (approx. 1000 flights per month)

LHR’s SFO (approx. 990 flights per month)

Flying in style is important for finnair airlines book a flight. It is their objective to make any passenger feel comfortable and pampered from booking and reservation to check-in and flying.

On a Finnair flight, what can travelers expect?

Finnair puts a lot of thought into each and every voyage, from upscale Nordic meals on long trips to multilingual cabin crews. For all classes, like the premium economy, special diets are conveniently accommodated in advance, too.

Many Finnair business class and first-class seats recline entirely on long journeys, enabling passengers to sleep on a flat floor. With competitive rates, exclusive offers, and plenty of exclusive facilities, No wonder so many travelers have selected this airline. Expedia knows that travelers prefer travel plans that are stress-free, exclusive discounts, and premium airlines that deliver excellent service.

Where is Finnair domestically flying?

A variety of destinations in Finland are served by Finnair airlines reservations. Cheap flights are accessible in more than a dozen places such as Helsinki, Ivalo, Joensuu, Jyvaskyla, Tampere, and Varkaus.

Where Abroad Does Finnair Fly?

The destinations for Finnair span the continent. Although most of their flights cover Finnish cities, they make it convenient to fly on flights to Asia-Pacific, other European countries, the Middle East, and North America.

Airplanes fly to Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam in the Asia-Pacific zone.

There are big and small towns in Europe on the regular calendar. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Madrid, Moscow, Nice, Oslo, Mallorca, Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Stockholm, Warsaw, and Zurich are the main hubs.

In the Middle East, flights fly to two destinations. Both Dubai and Tel Aviv have daily arrivals and departures for the famous airline in Finland.

Four cities covered by Finnair USA are in the United States and Canada. They include Chicago, Miami, New York City, and Toronto.

Where can I find my flight information for more details?

Passengers can conveniently sign in or check flight details with computers and mobile devices. By making baggage criteria and penalties for overweight bags readily available, Expedia makes study a breeze. In some airports, finnair airlines reservation members have self-service kiosks which help them skip lines and reserve seats.

Finnair takes their passengers’ needs into account, and that is critical for Expedia. Expedia makes sure every move goes seamlessly with online booking through our reservation system while low ticket costs, ease of reservations, and quality of service matter.

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